About the creator

Mariana Bettencourt Costa e Silva was born in 1980 in Azores, Portugal.


2012 | Launch of Cuco Toys brand.



2012 | 3th place in Energia de Portugal – Expresso/EDP contest with PlayLab toys brand.



2011 | Booth design for Valchromat  participation in  Swissbaw fair.



2011 | CUT furniture launch in Portugal exibition during Experimenta Design Biennal.


2011 | Launch of CUT furniture brand.



2008-11 | Designer in the ID department of Castelhano & Ferreira, S.A.


2009 | 1ºprize in the “Prémio Nacional Industrias Criativas – Unicer-Serralves” entrepreneurship award with the brand CUT furniture.


2008 | Lamps design projecto for Tmais Design.



2007 | Selection in the award “Prémio Massimo Dutti Design” with the proposal Recortes (old name of the CUT furniture project).


2006 | Ikebana hand blown glass vases for Canividro manufacture.



2006 | Launch of Confeitaria da mala brand.



2005 | Best laminated drawing award in “V Concurso Formica Creativa” with the proposal Stars Covered Ski.


2005 | Superviser of the Industrial Design Workshop in the F.B.A.U.L.


2004-5 | Designer in Farame (Caddie Portugal, s.a.) – a company specialized in products made of steel wire, tube, plate and bar.


1998-04 | Degree in Industrial Design in the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (F.B.A.U.L.). With 15/20 of final classification.



2004 | Selection to edition of Split case by Experimenta Design with the brand DesignWise.





2004 | Selection in the DesignWise 2.0 (DW 2.0) contest of the coat-hanger Flat Board.



2004 | Especial mention in the DW 2.0 contest with the project Luso-Niponics Appetizers.


2003-4 | 6 months of studies in the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Saint Etienne – France by the Sócrates-Erasmus Program.


2003 | 10º place in the Renault contest to conceive a limited edition of the Renault Clio, with the project Clio InsideOut.


2002 | Honourable mention in the Concurso Jovem Designer – A.I.C.E.P. (C.J.D.) 2002 with Board-Door to Public WC.


2002 | Selection to the fashion show in the Concurso Jovens Criadores (C.J.C.) 2002 with Adjustable Wear Clothes.


2002 | Textile award in C.J.D. 2001 with Fractal Bag.


2002 | Ceramics honourable mention in the C.J.D. 2001 with the table set Between the Middle.



2001 | Wood honourable mention in the C.J.D. 2000 with the stepladder Tripod.